Technologies that could change lives

Technologies that could change lives

Technology has continued to evolve over the years. And several innovations that could change our lives have emerged. This write-up aims to bring to the fire some of the technologies that could change our lives. Read further to know them.

1. 3D Printing

3D printing technology has extended the manufacturing technology. The manufacturing of three-dimensional objects of any shape is now achievable through the use of a digital model. Different sectors are already exploring technology to make prototype designs. In furtherance of exploring the possibilities of 3D printing, organic items’ production through bio-printing is undergoing research and testing. However, artificial vascular systems, expected to enable complex and efficient human tissues function, have been produced.

2. Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles include all kinds of vehicles operating on the land, sea, and air. This type of vehicle can be operated automatically or remotely from anywhere—this technology brought about the development of the Google car. The extensive mapping data enabled the success of this project. At present, the EU aims to develop the infrastructure to enable further deployment of autonomous vehicles.

3. Virtual Currencies (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies)

The emergence of cryptocurrencies is another technology that is already playing prominent roles in the global economy. Bitcoin and other altcoins are being traded, exchanged, and used as legal tender. The electronic transfer nature of Bitcoin makes it safe and efficient.

4. Wearable Technology

The world is feeling the impact of wearable technology as we speak. The results of this technology include Google’s Glass technology. Besides, there also a wide variety of wearable devices aimed at monitoring health and improving fitness. There are wearable monitors for monitoring heart rate, detection of blood clots, and lots more.

5. Drones Technology

This technology is vast and will have a significant impact on our lives. Other names for this technology include Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) and Uninhabited Aeriel Vehicles (UAVs). There are drones with mounted weapons for warfare. They are used for surveillance and improved security and policing.

Drones were used to transport test samples to laboratories in Ghana during the COVID-19 pandemic. The drone technology is also used in precision agriculture, remote sensing, and scientific techniques research. Many logistic companies are also exploring the possibility of increasing their efficiency using drone technology.


The above are some of the technologies that could change our lives. With more research, the world will be a better place, relying on these technologies’ full deployment.