Bad to Sleep Near Your Smartphone!

7th January 2019

If you’re like the average American, you probably sleep with your smartphone within arm’s reach. A 2015 Bank of America report found that 71 percent of people sleep with or near their phones — and that includes the 13 percent who said they slept with their phones in their beds. Maybe you’ve wondered whether keeping your phone […]

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5 New features of PUBG in 2019

5th January 2019

5 features that would make the PUBG game even better. PUBG Mobile has continuously introduced new features and maps in an effort to make the battle royale genre better for the gamers. PUBG has done a lot for the gamers worldwide and has received lot of accolades for its map design, weapons and new vehicles. […]

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Blindfold 2.0 – BirdBox

4th January 2019

  After KiKi Challenge, now it’s BirdBox challenge that has taken over netizens. In December, the global streaming platform Netflix’s popular movie “Bird Box” captured audiences and sparked debates amongst its 45 million viewers during the first week of release. Since then, the film, starring actress Sandra Bullock, has given rise to the dangerous internet […]

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Vikendi Snow Map: Best location for air drop and supplies-PUBG

2nd January 2019

PUBG recently went live with their snow-themed map a few weeks back. The new map is called Vikendi and brings in a host of new additions and gameplay scale-ups for players. The map is, however, is comparatively new and its going to take some time to get into the comfort zone like players have got […]

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London’s Gatwick Airport Sold For $3.7 Billion To French Firm

28th December 2018

The purchase of the 50.01 per cent stake in the world’s second-busiest single runway airport from a group of investors including sovereign wealth funds from Abu Dhabi and Australia will be financed with pound-denominated debt, Vinci said Thursday Vinci SA agreed to acquire control of Gatwick Airport for 2.9 billion pounds ($3.7 billion) as the […]

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