What Can SEO Do For Your Company?

6th December 2019

SEO is a common buzzword in the digital marketing world. If you want to accelerate brand reach, strengthen your blog, and sell more online, any expert will tell you that you need “SEO.” But what is SEO, and why is it so crucial for your business? It’s time to clear the air on SEO’s value […]

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Future of Commuting Is a Flying Taxi

30th November 2019

The dream of anyone stuck in an endless traffic jam during rush hour. Increasingly, that dream is becoming a reality, flying taxi could be one of the main solutions for relieving traffic congestion in cities. And they are very important element to bear in mind when designing and planning cities too.  Emerging Alternatives Numerous aeronautical […]

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How taxi booking software can lead your cab business?

28th November 2019

Taxi booking software provides a simple step-by-step solution for both customers and taxi-hire companies in response to the increasing demand in the travel industry To provide immediate private taxi-hire and airport transfer  you can choose online booking software A simple mission is to provide customised software for Taxi and Vehicle Hire Companies that will take their […]

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What Are The Top Trending Technologies in 2019

25th November 2019

Learn more about how technology advancement in 2019 In humanoid robots designed to socialize with people Minuscule lenses that will pave the way for diminutive cameras and other devices Strong, biodegradable plastics are from useless plant wastes DNA-based data-storage systems that will reliably information and more. BIOPLASTICS COULD SOLVE A MAJOR POLLUTION PROBLEM Biodegradable plastics […]

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22nd November 2019

ORIGIN OF TAXI IN UK Taxis have been a common site on UK roads since the mid-19th Century Public hire vehicles were first introduced to provide a necessary service for passengers operating in many places After Private hire vehicles were introduced in 1960s. These taxis were designed to passenger demand for suburban and pre-booking journeys. Both public […]

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