Top Educational Apps for College Students

Smartphone apps are meant to make our lives better, and this is particularly true for using apps in education. Indeed, there are plenty of apps that help student capture lectures, take notes, revise, keep their schedules organized, and more. As they say, there’s an app nearly for everything – and your biggest challenge is to find the good ones.

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Using an app for certain educational activities can actually make you a more organized and smarter student. If you are looking for ways to streamline your college activities and keep on schedule with every assignment, check the list below. We have handpicked the best tech solutions to help you study for success, manage time and recreate effectively.

Top 7 smartphone apps for college students

Essay editing services

The best technology solution for students looking to edit their written essay is a company offering online editing services. A professional human editor will check your college assignment better than any AI tool can, and the process is just as simple. You send the paper to an editor online and download a document edited by a native English expert in a few hours. Now, you’re ready to hand in an error-free academic paper.


As you write a research paper, an essay or thesis, creating a reference list is often a time-consuming and monotonous task. Such apps as EasyBib will be of great service in this case. All you have to do is to scan the book’s barcode, and the app will add a professional reference in MLA, APA, or Chicago style, thus saving you a lot of time. Maybe, you’ll need to edit the list, but it’s better than creating one from scratch, isn’t it?

Oxford English DictionaryWhether English is your mother tongue or you’re an overseas student, it always helps to keep a good dictionary at hand. Looking for a meaning of an unfamiliar word, picking the synonyms or strong collocations for essays, or doing linguistic analysis are just a few examples, say professional editors. Oxford Dictionary is a recognized authority on the English language, and it also contains the history of words.


Evernote is a worldwide-known note-taking and task management system that is of great help for students, professionals, and authors. Its features include the creation of lists, saving web clips, photos, handwritten notes and even digitized documents. Additionally, it allows to synchronize your notes across all devices. The basic version is free, yet you can pay a small fee to enjoy more storage and some extra features.


This app combines the functions of a voice recorder and a note-taking app, giving you an opportunity to save both audio and visual notes. Moreover, it synchronizes the written notes with the audio track, so you can tap on the note and play the audio recorded at that time. Basically, this app offers you more than a traditional lecture recording app and will be helpful if you regularly revise your notes.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can serve as all-in-one student planner, keeping all your college activities organized and scheduled. It offers a variety of features you can think of. For example, you can create repetitive events for your regular classes, set up notifications for important events, and access your schedule from multiple devices. Calendar also allows you to multiple calendars for different areas of life, schedule group meetings, add a Google Handout, and more.


It’s best to generate ideas or organize your thoughts visually, and mind maps works excellently in this case. MindMeister gives the opportunity plan projects take notes, or develop creative ideas. You can use it as a planning tool for group project, to come up with fresh ideas for the next student events, or even to plan your dissertation. The uses are nearly unlimited.

With plenty of tech tools at hand, you can make the educational process more organized, and fun. Yet, also don’t hesitate to ask for help with your assignment. For example, you can use editing and proofreading services and have an expert editor to improve the text of your papers. In this case, you’ll learn from your mistakes and get better grades.