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Taxis have been a common site on UK roads since the mid-19th Century

Public hire vehicles were first introduced to provide a necessary service for passengers operating in many places

After Private hire vehicles were introduced in 1960s. These taxis were designed to passenger demand for suburban

and pre-booking journeys.

Both public taxis and private hire vehicles play a vital role in passenger transport networks throughout the country.

The recent introduction of low emission vehicle and mobile technology, the face of taxi industry is constantly improving.

Smartphone Apps helpful in taxi industry

By using these smartphones, you can book a journey in anywhere so it plays an important role

There are a number of Apps, such as Uber, Lyft, Hailo and Gett which private hire customers to request a vehicle, book a journey and even to compare journey prices between different providers

Next Generation Taxis

It is the aim of local authorities, through regulation and licencing laws, that all vehicles will be modern, environmentally clean and suitable for the needs of all passengers

In addition, taxi vehicles that meets the following criteria

  • Offer regulated fares to protect passengers
  • Possess a range of accessibility features to benefit elderly and disabled passengers.
  • at drivers have the ability to quickly navigate all road networks, with the route knowledge.
  • In London, they must undergo the KoL (Knowledge of London) taxi driver test
  • To ensure that all public and private hire vehicles become cleaner  should have minimum 30 mile zero emission range

Green taxis

The next big move for the taxi industry is likely to be towards saving the planet by running greener vehicles.

The research conducted by The Real Urban Emissions found that most  vehicles are emitting up to 30 times

its creates much pollution  in the environment

This will leads to poor air quality, where they contribute 16% of all transport Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is present in emission,

so try to limit the emission vehicle

People want all companies – not just taxi firms – to reduce their carbon footprint

In the industry, Ready to open  choose the vehicles it likes – and there’s every reason to pick a greener fleet.

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