Cabookie Taxi Booking Software designed to take your transfer company to the next level.

The new improved Cabookie Taxi Website software comes with an enhanced experience for transfer companies that choose to focus on the core of their business and have full control to deliver top-notch transfer services, satisfy their clients, and increase revenue.

New Features

Hourly Package

SMS Integration

Google Calendar

Booking Accept/Reject - Auto/Manual


One-time cost

Full source code

Manual dispatch

7 Payment gateways


Google translate

GDPR compliance

Coverage setup

Unlimited users

User access restriction

Unlimited drivers & fleet

Passenger apps(Android & iOS)
Additional cost


Admin Users






Content Management



Driver management

Add/Edit driver

Documents management

Documents expiry reminder

Customer Management

Edit customer details

Suspend/Delete customer

View customer bookings

Profile delete request

Booking management

Add/Edit booking

Cancel booking

Delete booking

Allocate driver

Keyboard shortcuts

Search bookings

Export bookings


Bookings doing overview

Bookings recieved overview

Completed rides overview

Future rides overview

Earnings overview


Edit company details

Change logo

Change website theme

Email SMTP setup

SMS setup

Country, timezone & currency setup

Route optimisation

Customer auto registration

Advance booking restriction

Location categories

Zones creation

Payment options


Vehicle pricing

Child seat pricing

Location category pricing

Fixed pricing

Distance pricing

Congestion charges

Spcecial dates surcharge

Location/Zone surcharge

Payment Gateways









Content Management System

Create unlimited pages

9 Preset pages with content

Add/Edit pages

SEO friendly features

Preview page

Add/Edit menu & footer links

Gallery to manage images


Email notifications to admin

Email notifications to drivers

Email notifications to passengers

SMS notifications to admin

SMS notifications to drivers

SMS notifications to passengers

Voucher management

Add/Edit voucher

Voucher per specific customer

Single/Multi use voucher

Flat/Percentage discount



Auto/Manual review request

Editable review template

Review edit

Review publish/reject

Other features

Booking restriction dates

Social media links

Sitemap creation

Robots.txt file

Google analytics chat plugin setup


Suitable for small/mid size companies

4 step installation process

Installation time less than 5 minutes

Dashboard setup less than 15 mins

Complete setup guide

Video guide

Value-embedded offer!

More Value for Less Price

Cabookie Taxi Booking App offers immense value to taxi and transfer companies - its value is unquantifiable! Investing in this app helps grow the taxi company, improve customer relationship, enhance customer experience and satisfaction, and increase company's revenue.

100% customer satisfaction

Access to Premium Features

Take the sales offer to access all the premium features of Cabookie, aimed at helping to manage your taxi business more efficiently, meet and go above customers' expectations, achieve 100% customer satisfaction, experience a sure in your revenue as passengers can prepay journeys, and lots more.

Goodbye to monthly subscriptions

One Time Cost

Make a one-time payment to gain access to the best taxi booking software and application that will undoubtedly transform your transfer business. Pay once and access all the benefits included, such as regular updates, seamless support, maximum value, etc.

No more renewals

Lifetime License

Obtain a lifetime license that gives you access to all the benefits offered by Cabookie Taxi Booking Software and Application. The license comes with immense benefits, and you would not want to miss out.

Freedom of customisation

Complete Source Code

Cabookie Taxi Booking Software and Application gives you access to the complete source code of the top-of-the-line taxi booking software and application, both frontend and backend. This allows you to customize and tailor the code, design and functionality to your needs. Branding is thus made easy. However, certain parts of the software have been obfuscated to retain proprietary rights, and the reproduction of Cabookie application for additional domains than originally purchased is restricted.

What's new in this product/upgrade?

New features added to the product

Cabookie has been transformed from powerful taxi booking software to a mini taxi dispatch system, designed to take taxi and transfer business to a whole new level.

  • Admin Management - Users Enables the Admin to undertake certain functions and control
  • Driver Management Manage drivers and their documents, allocate jobs to drivers.
  • Review Management Allows the passengers to express their satisfaction about a ride, driver, and overall experience and the service
  • Customer Login
  • Zones: Service coverage area
  • Location Category Classification of different locations for easy management, eg. Airport, Hotel, Station...
  • Locations: Manage places of each location category, eg. Heathrow Airport, Hilton Hotel...
  • Congestion Charges Charges for certian places on selected days and time
  • Booking cancellation by company and customer
  • Vouchers Create & issue vouchers for all customers or specific customer
  • Payment Options Offers multiple payment options to passengers, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, Viva, Mollie and Worldpay
  • Route: An approved route for the ride
  • Auto Customer Registration Hassle-free registration process for new customers
  • Fixed Pricing Diverse prices that are fixed, regardless of the distance
  • Discount/Surcharge - Location
  • Theme colours The brand's colour, as depicted by the application's colour
  • Rides history Upcoming, Completed and Cancelled journey's
  • Customers can Prepay by card at any time if the journey booked as cash

Upgraded Cabookie Taxi Booking Software is apt at this time, and it is in response to our clients' needs as received from feedbacks and months of research to improve the application to enhance our clients' experience.

The updates will improve the application's performance, meet customers' diverse needs, and simplify taxi booking and transfer services. Ultimately, the upgrades give you control and essential information about your activities. The application is improved to enable the management, drivers, and passengers to have their respective control and management.


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