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Cabookie is a complete taxi website and taxi booking app software. Fully customizable as per your needs. Just one-time payment for lifetime license per website, no more renewal.

Days of having a hard time running your taxi business have long gone! The technological advancement has entirely taken care of your hassles by making possible the development of responsive and efficient taxi website. The taxi booking app comes with all possible conveniences for customers to book transfer services from the comfort of their mobile phones or smartphones.

From taxi booking software, you can provide your customers with an enhanced experience by developing high-end taxi software – an easy-to-use taxi booking app that gives customers the flexibility to book taxi services on the go. To operate in the modern-day, you undoubtedly need to leverage cutting-edge technology and provide your customers with the most responsive cab booking website possible.

Are you looking for reputable taxi software for your taxi business? Do you want a custom taxi booking software developed for you? Do not stress out; you have come to the right place. Negup Solutions presents to you the state-of-the-art taxi website that enables a seamless connection between your customers and their taxi services.

Contact Negup Solutions for the perfect cab booking software that will take your business to the next level and leave your customers with an exhilarating experience.

Taxi Booking Software One Time Cost
Taxi Booking Software Lifetime License
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Taxi Booking App

to gain more customers

The advancement in technology cuts across all aspects of human endeavours. Cabookie is expected to save you from losing customers. The chances are that potential customers will choose the taxi company that has a taxi app over a company without any mobile app that simplifies the booking process for transfer.

The only effective way to break into a bigger market of potential customers is to provide what they need. According to the demographics, the largest percentage of mobile phone or smartphone users is the youth. This population undoubtedly is the principal client base of any taxi company. As a result, having a responsive app like Cabookie will speak the language they understand, and you would have new leads as well as retain the existing users.

Try our demo apps and experience yourselves.


The Essential of Cabookie

Taxi Software Cabookie is the taxi booking software developed by Negup Solutions. It is a high-end taxi website design made to facilitate the easy booking of transfers by intending commuters.

From design to its development, we displayed the highest level of professionalism to ensure aesthetics, functionalities, fluidity, easy-to-navigate user interface, and responsiveness. Cabookie from Negup Solutions is reputable for exemplary performance devoid of glitches. Do not search any further for the right cab software for your taxi business; Cabookie is the perfect cab booking app you will ever need.

Why Cabookie?

Choosing Cabookie is the best decision you can make for your taxi business. Remember that “Customer is king,” and your utmost desire should be to serve them better and provide them with the right tool to book their reservation with your company. If you are looking for the right taxi website design, choose Cabookie from Negup Solutions; you can never go wrong.

Below are some of the reasons to choose Cabookie:

For Taxi Companies

Cabookie provides you with the best taxi app development solution that sets your business on a firm footing. Here are the reasons for choosing Cabookie for a taxi company.

1. The Perfect Tool for your Business

The cab booking software is an essential and indispensable tool required for the smooth running of your business. Surviving the stiff competition demands that you leverage cutting-edge technology.

2. One-Time Cost, No Hidden Charges

You only get billed once for Cabookie taxi software. There are no hidden charges. Also, there are no additional charges, ever.

3. Lifetime License

Signing up for Cabookie allows customization of the taxi app to reflect your company’s brand. Everything gets upgraded and enabled for you, and the license is a lifetime.

4. Access to Source Code

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to the source code. As a result, you get to customize the design to suit your company's brand identity.

5. Bigger Audience, More Users

Cabookie allows your business to reach more users who will be willing to use your services because of the convenience provided by the taxi app installed on their mobile devices or smartphones.

6. Increased Profits

With Cabookie, you can boost your company’s performance, which will result in increased revenue and profit over time.

7. The Trend

Taxi booking software is the latest trend in the transportation industry. It is the standard to guarantee performance, reliability, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. Using Cabookie portrays your taxi business as technology compliant.

For Users
1. Convenience

Cabookie comes with the right design that offers great comfort to users to book car hire. Although they may visit your taxi website on their browsers to make bookings, a taxi app is more convenient and primarily developed for easy booking and automatic booking confirmation.

2. Quick Payment

Cabookie allows users to pay for hired taxis quickly without any hassles. They can pay using their Credit Card, PayPal, or cash. The cab booking software provides this possibility of certainty of a hired taxi for a planned journey.

Taxi Software

to smoothen business operations

The indispensability of cab booking software cannot be overemphasized. Negup Solutions provides you with the modern taxi software that makes running your business hassle-free. If your customers do not have the platform to book taxis for their upcoming trips, then you really cannot compete favourably with your competitors because you may lose your customers and experience a significant drop in revenue.

Taxi Booking Website

Cabookie gives you the essential tool you need to run your business efficiently. Taxi app is crucial to your business, and no software is more perfect than Cabookie. To access the most vital tool that defines the existence of your business, get the app today, and connect to the essential aspect of your business.

Running your taxi business just got more comfortable with Cabookie cab software. It takes the burden of committing expensive infrastructure and human resources to the development of the cab booking software off your shoulders. Then your business can have an effective operation. Negup Solutions offers you “done-for-you” taxi software at the most affordable cost.

Besides saving cost, you also get to save a lot of time you would have committed to app design, development, debugging, and deployment. With Cabookie, you get off-the-shelf taxi website design that is comprehensive and ready to deploy with just a little customization.

Your business can take off within a short time with Cabookie powered by Negup Solutions.

Cabookie – Instant Fare Quotation

One of the features of Cabookie is an integrated fare calculator that will provide users with the quotation for their transfers for booking purposes. What a convenient way to run a taxi company! The provision of the quote for a trip will enable payment, which will serve as a proof of commitment for the contract. The fare calculator helps users to have the quote they will pay for transportation from one point to another.

With Cabookie, users are provided with the quotation for their trip instantly. Any little delay could cause them to look elsewhere. However, we ensure that the integrity of our app is maintained.

Taxi Booking Software

Cab Booking Software

The underlying purpose of any taxi booking software is to enable hassle-free booking of rides. Cabookie offers all the flexibilities you can think of when you need a taxi booking app. Cabookie embraces simplicity and transparency for seamless booking and payment process.

Cabookie has payment integration for the payment of fare upfront through Credit Card, PayPal, or cash. With the integration of secure payment facilities, Cabookie boosts the users' confidence in the company. As a result, there will be fewer cancellations for your taxi company. Besides, a confirmation of booking creates a receipt and the itinerary in the format that can be printed for both company and passenger.

Cab Booking Software
Cabookie – Multi-lingual Functionalities

The success of any app is in the ability to communicate to users in their native language directly. Cabookie, the cutting-edge cab booking software comes with multi-lingual capabilities to connect with people in the language they prefer or understand. They can calculate their fare cost, pay, and book their private taxi transfer in their chosen language. This can be implemented by enabling Google translate.

Cabookie – Helps to Retain Customers

The worst experience is to be kept waiting endlessly in the name of booking a reservation. With Cabookie, clients do not have to wait – the online automatic fare calculator helps to get a quote for the transfer. Most companies lose clients when they keep clients waiting for quotes. Every stage in the development of Cabookie is enhanced to provide the best results expected. Passengers do not get to wait when using Cabookie – everything is automatic and smooth.

Cabookie – Trusted Globally

Cabookie is a taxi booking app that is trusted by hundreds of taxi companies globally. Developed by Negup Solutions, Cabookie caters to the booking needs of passengers all over the world. The app has a responsive cab booking software for taxi businesses. It allows real-time auto fare billing and integrated payment system.

The taxi software is impressive in design and functionalities. The app can be customized with your brand logo to expand your brand presence. With an easily accessible cab booking software, your customers will use your services frequently, which allows you to maximize fleet booking more efficiency.

What customers will get?

Frontend - User Interface

Responsive & Compatibility

Responsive & Compatibility

It's fully responsive and compatible on all latest browsers and mobile devices.

Instant Quotation

Instant Quotation

Your customers can get instant quotation, no more wasting time in just filling a form.

Online Availability Check

Online Availability Check

Customers can instantly know your coverage locations & available timings.

Booking Process

Booking Process

A simple one page booking process will allow your customers to save time.

Instant Confirmation

Instant Confirmation

Customers can download order confirmation and will receive confirmation via email.



Customers can contact the operator via Phone, Email & Whatsapp

What companies will get?

Backend - Control Panel

Operator Information

Operator Information

Manage all your company information including address and license details.

Booking Statistics

Booking Statistics

Instantly know your booking statistics with fare totals.

Coverage Setting

Coverage Setting

Provide service for the whole country or just 5 miles radius or particular parts of the city? can be updated accordingly.

Vehicle Types

Vehicle Types

Whether you provide only Executive fleet or coach or all vehicles. Add any type of vehicle and any number of vehicles.



Fixed pricing, distance pricing, date based surcharges & discounts, location based surcharges & discounts.



Easily integrate Google analytics to monitor website performance.

Plans & Pricing

Price Basic £150 Choose Plan Standard £250 Choose Plan Premium £325 Choose Plan
Development Technology PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap
Web Standards HTML5, CSS3
Responsive & Compatible
Full Source Code
Location Search & Distance Calculation
License 1
Bug Fixing Support 30 Days 30 Days 60 Days
Frontend - User Interface
Booking Process 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step
Instant Quotation
Instant Confirmation
Card Payment PayPal, Stripe, Square, Viva & Worldpay
Chat Plugin
Customer Login
Booking Cancellation
Favourite journeys & locations
Prepay journey
Rides History
Backend - Control Panel
Operator Information
Additional Drop Off's
Vehicles Management
Distance Based Pricing
Advance Bookings
Child Seat Provision
Additional Charges
Customer Management
Booking Cancellation
Fixed Pricing
Surcharge & Discounts - Location
Surcharge & Discounts - Date & Time
Service Coverage
Bookings Restriction - Date & Time
Taxi Booking App
  • Favourite locations
  • Favourite journeys
  • Booking cancellation
  • Prepay journey
  • Rides History
Only with Cabookie Premium

Android & iOS

Application cost: £200 GBP (Onetime)

Hosting fee: £25 GBP from 2nd year

* You'll receive installable application files for both iOS & Android

Addons Price
1 Year Hosting £50
Logo Creation & Custom Template £50 Onwards
Website Content (3 pages) £50
Basic SEO £50
Wordpress Integration £50
Installation & Setup FREE
Dashboard Setup FREE

If you are looking for the perfect taxi booking software for your taxi business, Cabookie made by Negup Solutions is best suited for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cabookie taxi software?

It's a booking software which can be customised and installed on any website for taxi operators to receive bookings from passengers.

What is the need for taxi software?

Passengers no longer wish to call a company to book a taxi. With this software passengers can get instant quotation via online, book their taxi service and get confirmation immediately which saves time and cost.

Does Cabookie suitable for small companies?

Absolutely! No matter what's the size of your company. Cabookie has been developed to fit any company size and any country, it's very simple and easy to setup.

What are the features in this taxi website?
  • You can setup operating country, time zone & currency
  • Set fixed prices for certain journey's
  • Set prices based on Google driving distance
  • Set airport pick up charges, child seat charges and minimum charges for additional drop off's
  • Manage page content
  • Manage any number of vehicles, set passenger and luggage capacity of each vehicle. Mark-up price for each vehicle by amount or percentage.
  • List of all completed and future bookings
  • Manage company information including license details
  • Manage major social media links
What's the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium version?

Each version is slightly different based on features to suit the budget and needs of taxi operator.

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