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The Most Innovative Companies in Crypto

Here is the list of innovative cryptocurrency companies


Given the extreme growth that crypto has seen in recent years, there are a huge number of cryptocurrencies appearing on the market – many of which are providing exciting and innovative functions that are changing the way people invest in and utilise crypto and blockchain technologies.

Keeping up with the extreme rate of altcoin launches can be difficult, however there are a number of companies in crypto that stand out in providing innovative and unique value.


As one of the leading crypto companies regarding competition with traditional banking, Celsius gives customers the ability to loan and borrow virtual currencies. At the top of the Bitcoin list of best borrowing rates, plus users earning up to 10% of revenues in the form of weekly payments, Celsius is a solid option when it comes to crypto that allows you to borrow and earn interest.

In becoming a company that provides this innovative value within the crypto space, Celsius has made a number of risky deals. For example, the company has previously invested in perpetual swaps, contracts with no expiration date that may increase the company’s vulnerability to dangerous sell offs. Ultimately, Celsius is an innovative company that isn’t afraid to take risks; thus far, they have paid off.


With the current pandemic having a significant impact on investment opportunities and crypto market performance, a question to ask is whether or not there are any cryptocurrencies that are viable given today’s market conditions.


The current economic disaster that is occuring has sent prices of many commodities into a state of volatility and uncertainty. Throughout this, a commodity that has stood strong is gold – as a long term investment, it might be one of the most stable investment options on the market.

This is where xbullion comes in – a digital token that represents one gram of gold. In using blockchain for asset management, xbullion boasts no management fees and instant, always available ownership transfers. Zipmex has recently partnered with xbullion, providing a platform that facilitates trade and dealing in gold tokens – they also give a great insight into why xbullion is a great investment opportunity.

Power Ledger

Another company that is demonstrating innovation surrounding crypto and blockchain technology is Power Ledger. As an Australian based startup, the company allows for the buying and selling excess renewable energy and environmental commodities through a peer to peer network.

With transactions occurring in real time, Power Ledger’s process utilises their POWR cryptocurrency. Their goal is to provide the platform for a fully modernised market driven grid, allowing people to choose the energy they consume and bring on the democratisation of power.


As an indicator of their potential, Power Ledger have seen massive growth, and as a result of the Extreme Tech Challenge pitch competition earned the opportunity to pitch to Sir Richard Branson.


As the third most popular cryptocurrency, you might have already heard of Ripple. This is a company in the fintech space that utilises the fastest transaction technology on the market. At a rate of 1500 transactions per second, Ripple’s transaction processing capacity is significantly faster than other crypto companies – for example, Bitcoin transactions occur at a rate between 3.3 and 7 per second, on average.

Today, huge success has seen Ripple become a large company with over 350 employees, multiple offices globally, and a number of high profile customers such as American Express and Standard Chartered.