Most Popular Tech Jobs in 2021

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The tech sphere appears to be one of the most popular ones these days. We can hardly imagine our lives without tech devices. We work, study, and have fun using computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. And what’s more, the sphere appears to only develop in the future.

Moreover, due to the COVID-19 and worldwide quarantine when millions of people worked remotely, tech devices and their applications literally became lifesavers and made it possible for many of us to work from our homes.

What’s more? The tech sphere has been not only developing and becoming more important, let’s be honest – it’s also a great sphere to work it. Below we have gathered some of the most popular tech jobs for 2021. If you feel that you would like to change the occupation, develop in the sphere, or just a curious viewer, this guide would appear extremely useful.

Mobile Apps Developer

When working as a mobile apps developer, you will develop and manage mobile phones and tablet applications. In most cases, app developer works either with Android, or iOS. For your further career development, it would be more efficient to be able to work with both of the platforms; however, developers are working with a specific operating system only.

When developing and working on mobile apps, be prepared to develop any kind of application – starting with a calories calculator and ending with apps for a paper writing service. Below we’ve gathered some of the most important job requirements:

  • Being proficient in programming languages (Python, SQL, Java, C++, etc.);
  • Being able to work as a part of a group and alone;
  • Having communication skills on a high level;
  • Being creative;
  • Being ready for any challenges;
  • Perfect English speaking and writing skills (if it happens that you’re not a native English speaker).

This kind of job appears to be in demand these days, such as more products and businesses requiring mobile apps. It could be a bank, new shop, or services such as – for today, having an app is comfy and profitable.

Network Administrator

A network engineer is supposed to connect and take care of various devices working together (or computer networks), so the fast networks are arranged. Moreover, they are also responsible for dealing with any possible issues that may occur with networks and their simultaneous work.

You might think that network admins are needed in tech companies only, but not only that. The vacancy is also open for various government departments, schools, universities, and even – hospitals. Thus, the variety of spheres where you would be needed is wide.

Some of the requirements for landing this kind of job are as follows:

  • Having strong tech skills;
  • Being highly attentive to all the details;
  • Being enthusiastic;
  • Being able to cooperate and efficiently communicate with coworkers;
  • Being ready to work on solving problems (in many cases).

Project Manager

The vacancy of a project manager appears to be one of the highly qualifiable and important for a project. That is the reason why only real professionals in a sphere can become the manager. As a project manager, you need to be qualified and understand how all the parts and stages of a project are operated.

Moreover, you need to take under your control and manage any issues that appear; thus, the project is successfully finished. That requires knowledge and experience and leadership skills, and the ability to be responsible for the whole command.

No wonder that many responsibilities would require a list of serious requirements. Below we’ve mentioned some of the most important and common requirements if you want to land a job as a project manager:

  • A degree in business, or computer science, and any related major;
  • Experience in managing projects;
  • PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate would be a plus;
  • Being able to solve queries and issues quickly;
  • Having leadership qualities;
  • Having developed analytical skills;
  • Being able to finish a project in a given time, with given resources;
  • English language required (in most of the cases);
  • Strong not only hard but also soft skills;
  • Having programming experience, etc.

Our Final Ideas

Yes, the modern tech sphere is where one may develop and rise as a specialist, but it’s also highly competitive and constantly developing; thus, you always need to learn and keep up with the tendencies. However, no matter what occupation, there is always a possibility to develop and work with some of the best specialists in the world.