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Best Blog Post Ideas for Web Designers

Inspiration is a very subtle thing. It does not obey the laws of logic and systematization. This means that, first of all, you need to listen to your feelings and try to understand what causes joy and inspiration. At the same time, it is important to understand that web designers often belong to visuals.

That is, they perceive the world around them primarily due to their vision. At the same time, the concept of beauty is different for everyone. Therefore, it is useful to compare your creations with others. It is best to be inspired by the work of professionals, as well as get post ideas from those who are well versed in web design. Let’s consider blog post ideas for web designers.

3D in general

3D is definitely the main trend in 2021 because it is present in all areas of design. The novelty lies in the fact that it began to be used in the user interface, where flat design prevailed before. The more frequent use of 3D is also explained by the fact that new, easy-to-use tools have appeared, sometimes also free (for example, Figma – it is free for freelancers and uses plugins that make it easy to create 3D). Many aspiring web designers will find a blog post about 3D interesting to get acquainted with – that’s why it is a good idea for writing about.

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App vs mobile web

One cannot but agree that in 2021, sites made not according to the mobile-first standard (the mobile version is priority) are completely outdated. In most business areas, the best results come from the use of applications, so it is on their development and application that all resources are directed. Such a blog post will be of interest not only to web designers, but also to other people not directly related to the profession, so feel free to write on this topic.

Color on white surfaces

Colors are one of the most important visual elements of user interface design. They can make your content stand out and reinforce your brand identity. The color scheme should be designed to be harmonious. With it, UI elements and surfaces should be easily distinguishable from each other. This topic will be interesting for web developers, so we advise you to take it for one of the blog posts.

Widget sizing

IOs 14 came out, bringing with it new changes that will be reflected in the UI design. Now widgets are available in three sizes: small, medium and large, and you can neatly move them between app icons. The designer must draw the app icon in three sizes for the user to have a choice. Therefore, it is important to explain to them how to work with these icons and in general with widgets. In a blog post, you should be able to do this.

Animations and interactions

Animation is an important part of app design and user experience. Today, a design looks unfinished and static if it doesn’t include animation. There are many ways to create animation, and your goal is to describe them in your blog post. This information will be interesting to all web designers and not only.

Depth effect in web design

It is increasingly likely that 2021 will be the year of depth effect, its finest hour. This trend was fueled by the development of design software, an excellent example of the interconnected work of design and technology. Your task is to explain this theme in details in one of the blog posts ad attract new readers.

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Custom made 3D icons

We think everyone has already realized that 3D is an important category in design. Now its influence on the UI segment is greater than ever. 3D icons are the new UI trend of 2021, so if you’re tired of the flat icons that have dominated user interfaces for the last decade, try the 3D ones. This is a great start for your next post on 3D technology.

Taking inspiration from blog post ideas of other web designers, it is important to understand that you should not imitate their authors. Even partial copying of post ideas you like is bad for your creativity, which is especially important in creative professions. Instead, try to analyze someone else’s posts. What exactly do you like about them? Come up with your blog post ideas with similar details.

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