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Latest Content Marketing Ideas for Technology Firms

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In today’s dynamic era, owning a technology firm is a worthwhile investment. Almost every business is looking forward to outsourcing the information technology (IT) department and automate internal operations. Although the sales prospects seem bright, the competition in digital markets is skyrocketing. The well-established tech companies already have consistent digital marketing and content strategies in place. It means you will have to compete for space against competent players.

Given the tech industry’s scope, there is still an opportunity to make your place in the digital world. You can create original material to captivate audiences towards your brand. Whether your firm sells services, software, or products – use the power of words to educate and engage your target audience. Content marketing for technology firms can be the real standout point. In addition to improving your position on the search engine, it can invite more sales pipeline leads.

Do you have any content generation ideas? Usually, marketers stick to blog posts and articles when it comes to content marketing. Indeed, it is a great way to educate users. Now, readers prefer visuals and graphics to understand written content better. Thus, don’t forget to integrate videos and images into your content marketing strategy. Here we are unfolding six latest content marketing ideas for technology firms.

1.     Start Guest Blogging

Currently, technology is evolving at a fast pace. From artificial intelligence (AI) devices to innovative software, it is pretty arduous for ordinary people to keep up with these trends. As a result, they look up online to understand what advantages innovations bring to the table. With the rising demand for information, why not start a tech blog? You can cover emerging tech trends, talk about the benefits of AI-enabled devices, or throw light on the internet of things (IoT). If you don’t know much about blogging, have a look below. Here is a list of blog post ideas you can utilize for your tech blog.

  • Write about trending topics to make your blog more relevant.
  • Reveal secrets about your brand’s success.
  • Post clever hacks that can help people tackle technology.
  • Interview influential people and post their interviews on blogs.
  • Publish comments from your followers to build brand authority.
  • If you notice any blogger writing about tech, invite guest posts to your blog.

2.     Learn the Art of Story Telling

Unsurprisingly, human beings like listening to stories that resonate with them. Thus, if you want to capture the audience’s attention, use the art of storytelling. Alongside having something interesting to say, you have to present it compellingly. Instead of self-promotions, you can discuss the narrative behind your brand or tell how your company started. You can also cover stories that appeal to your brand personas to get more eyeballs on your content.

In your content strategy, stories demand an emotional investment. Therefore, you will have to invest a lot of time into it. Apprehend what makes your brand unique and create a story that aligns with audiences’ interests. For instance, if you developed an accounting software to handle numbers correctly, try to relate with aspiring entrepreneurs who struggle with finances.

3.     Create Interactive Infographics

The emerging tech world is bustling with complicated things. The software and tech applications can perform multiple functions simultaneously, but people don’t have advanced tech skills. In your content marketing campaign, use infographics to explain complicated tech processes through visuals and graphics. If you offer network setup services, demonstrate the procedure with a combination of image and text. You have to ensure every stage is clickable and directs users towards a related blog post.

These interactive infographics allow users to learn more about each stage by clicking on the header. Such content marketing pieces are the best fit for B2B websites since every company conducts in-depth research before integrating technology. Besides, you can even repurpose this content for videos and print material to increase your customer reach.

4.     Publish eBooks

Undeniably, tech enthusiasts know the ins and outs of the tech-oriented world. Therefore, create content pieces that attract and engage a greater audience by going deeper into the subjects that matter. Perhaps, publishing eBooks could be a perfect idea. You can talk about complicated tech innovations in the industry to educate people. These days, programmatic advertising has become a buzzword in the digital world, unfolding an eBook creation opportunity.

You can explain what programmatic advertising is and how companies can benefit from it. Remember, you have to provide accurate and relevant information because people won’t mind using your words against you. If you don’t have much expertise about the topic, talk to specialists or individuals with a more technical background. It will enhance the credibility of your eBooks, resulting in more downloads, leads, and conversions.

5.     Shoot Video Demos

Almost every website selling a software or tech service has a ‘request a demo’ button. Although you have enough information about your services on the site, create some videos. You can demonstrate exclusive features of the software that might catch the audience’s attention. Similarly, you can use videos to take buyers through the installation process. It helps people handle technology correctly while improving their shopping experience.

Videos also educate prospective buyers and nurture leads in the early stages. Besides, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, offer something unique to your website visitors. For instance, if anyone wants to learn more about your services, offer a live demo to cater to their specific needs. You can explore different video formats to determine which works best for your business niche.

6.     Write Stat-Driven Case Studies

In the past years, case studies have become an integral part of content marketing campaigns. However, many companies end up writing lengthy case studies that become boring for the audiences. It makes people work hard while taking a lot of their precious time. Before this starts annoying visitors, explain what makes your service great in a few measurable points. Any idea what they would be and how audiences can measure them?

Here, stat-driven case studies come into play. You can include research studies and statistics in your cases to give clients the information they want. This data-driven approach builds brand authority and leaves a lasting impression on clients. After all, content marketing has to be educational and engaging. Hence, make sure your case studies are compelling and fun.

Final Thoughts

Have you heard of the phrase ‘content is the king?’ It stands true in 2021 as well. It builds brand awareness and gives people a reason to return to your site. As a result, technology firms are using content marketing strategies to educate people about their services. From blogs to video demos, there are countless ways of putting your brand message across. Hence, find content formats that work for your company and bring in more business.

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