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Blindfold 2.0 – BirdBox

4th January 2019

  After KiKi Challenge, now it’s BirdBox challenge that has taken over netizens. In December, the global streaming platform Netflix’s popular movie “Bird Box” captured audiences and sparked debates amongst its 45 million viewers during the first week of release. Since then, the film, starring actress Sandra Bullock, has given rise to the dangerous internet […]

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Vikendi Snow Map: Best location for air drop and supplies-PUBG

2nd January 2019

PUBG recently went live with their snow-themed map a few weeks back. The new map is called Vikendi and brings in a host of new additions and gameplay scale-ups for players. The map is, however, is comparatively new and its going to take some time to get into the comfort zone like players have got […]

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Bigg Boss 12: It better end without a winner!

26th December 2018

At a time when I would have been rooting for my favourite Bigg Boss contestant and worrying about the withdrawal symptoms, I feel none of the remaining contestants really deserve to lift the winner’s trophy.  Phew! The twelfth season of ‘controversial’ TV reality show Bigg Boss is finally nearing its end and I cannot be […]

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Rajinikanth Super Rocks Star

11th December 2018

It is not unknown for fans to fast before a Rajini release, as prayer to the Gods for success of his film. But, perhaps, in a part of the world that puts its film stars on very high pedestals, that’s not unusual. Try this. If you could possibly wangle a first-day-first-show ticket to a Rajini […]

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2.0 quick review: A Thalaivar movie through and through

29th November 2018

2.0 quick review: Even though there is not much to write home about in terms of plot, Kudos to Shankar and his team for keeping us hooked throughout with all the VFX in the movie. Let us first get this out of the way – 2.0 is a Rajinikanth movie through and through. It is […]

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