The Importance of Secure Sharing Services for Businesses

Successful business collaborations require you to have some way to share important information and documents with one another. Cloud-based file-sharing is convenient for businesses to work together, but only as long as your sharing service is secure.

Why Is File Sharing Critical Between Businesses?

Cloud-based sharing allows you and your business partners to access information 24-7. When businesses do not have a formal sharing platform, professionals may use their personal cloud storage instead. Unfortunately, when personnel uses personal storage options, it opens the business up to security breaches.

Secure content sharing ensures that everyone involved handles business-related documents with care. While many businesses choose to use email to communicate and share information with one another, there are various constraints to utilizing email systems, like file size and storage constraints.


What Are the Risks Associated With File Sharing?

While file sharing is convenient, it can also be dangerous if you cannot track and control who has access to your files. You need to have safeguards in place to trust that the files only reach the intended recipient.

Cyber-attack Vulnerabilities

When you do not have adequate security, your company becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. File-sharing software should never ask you to bypass a firewall to upload or download files. If malicious software is uploaded to the content-sharing platform, an unknowing person could download the file and introduce viruses, spyware, worms, malware, and other malicious programs to the network. One malicious program can compromise your business’s entire network.

Data Exposures

Additionally, unsecured data sharing can put your sensitive data at risk. Sensitive data can include personal information about employees, consumers or classified information about your business. If unauthorized people have access to your file-sharing service, you may have a problem determining who accessed private information and how far your information might spread.


How Can You Minimize the Risks Associated With File Sharing?

To fully understand how to protect your data, you must understand the risks. Many businesses overlook data security for various reasons. For example, businesses sometimes think they don’t have information cybercriminals are interested in or they just believe it won’t happen to them. It is always better to remain on the side of caution. In fact, there were nearly 850,000 complaints of cybercrime in 2021. All businesses have a data loss risk.

Train Users in Data Safety

First, teach your employees to understand the risks associated with file sharing. They need to understand what could happen if they mishandle data. Everyone involved in your business agreement should clearly understand that they cannot share certain documents or data with third parties. When you invest time or money in a secure service, everyone needs to understand how to use it.

Choose a Secure Program

Look for a file-sharing service that does not expect you to use workaround solutions. The service should allow you to download and store encrypted contracts. Business owners should also have the power to revoke access to documents for any reason. Additionally, look for a company that provides you with visibility and control. Some programs can scan all files and implement rules to limit access.

Make Sure Your Program Is Business-Grade

Businesses have different security risks than consumers. If you choose a consumer-based program, your company may be more susceptible to data leaks and threats to your security. Without a business-grade system, you may also have difficulty making e-discovery statements of compliance. Look for a service that caters to businesses like yours.

In addition, consider a program that has an integrated system. An integrated system does more than just allow you to share files. It can also make sure your emails are secure.

Pick an Easy-to-Use Program

Do not use a program that is difficult for people to understand how to use. Complicated systems are less likely to be used and if no one uses the program, then you aren’t going to have the security and safety you invested in. When you make new business alliances or hire new employees, ensure everyone understands how to use the program. You do not want people cutting corners and risking the safety of your company because the cloud-based sharing options are too complex.


Choose Secure Sharing Options

B2B file sharing is critical to maintaining relationships between companies. All businesses, big and small, are responsible for sensitive data. Sometimes, you will have to share sensitive data with other parties, but you may not feel safe uploading the data to personal cloud-based storage. Realistically, you should only use cloud-based options that are business-grade and that have security protocols in place to protect your data.