Cabookie Bags 2 Badges from FinancesOnline

Cabookie- FinanceOnline

Cabookie Sweeps 2 Online Booking Software Badges from Platform for SaaS Reviews Generally speaking, software solutions are normally designed to simplify one’s tasks and accelerate completion while making work processes easier and more convenient for both businesses and their users.… – Taxi Booking Website Launched

taxi booking website

We at Negup Solutions are happy to announce about another successful taxi booking website launch for We take this opportunity to thank our client Kent Airport Taxis for choosing us and purchasing Cabookie – Taxi Booking Software. We’re glad…

Cab Booking Software – How To Choose

How to choose a Cab Booking Software

Taxi Management Software Running or starting a taxi business is not as difficult as most people try to imply. All you need is to set up a responsive cab booking software for passengers to book cabs at any time and…

Taxi Booking Website – 10 Important factors to consider

Taxi Booking Website

Have you got a Taxi Booking Website for your customers? If yes, then excellent!! Taxi booking website is definite need for every taxi operator and you have taken very important step to grow your business. Is your website not performing…

London Taxi PR launches ‘The Knowledge’ campaign


Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay The London taxi trade is set to receive a welcome boost as a new advertising campaign starts promoting the world renowned taxi test the Knowledge of London. London Taxi PR announced that it is…

Stay safe in London Taxi


Unbooked minicabs are illegal. You may be approached by minicab drivers seeking passengers or offering a service; avoid this as these are unsafe, unlicensed, uninsured and illegal and you put yourself in danger if you use these services. Only taxis…