Online Education Essentials: Best Tool and Resources for Students

Online Education Essentials: Best Tool and Resources for Students

For conventional education, going to school with a pen and paper is a routine for students, yet it just scratches the surface of what online learners actually need to get their studies going.

Before the first day of class, students taking online classes must consider factors such as internet connection, setting up a suitable study place, and computer speed in order to get the most of their educational experience. They must also account for technological issues that may prohibit them from signing into the class through whatever portal their institute is using.

Online students have additional obstacles, such as noisy distractions at home, time management, and productivity, in addition to wrestling with technology. Apart from all these basic things, what students actually lack are useful resources and tools for their studies.

Whether you’re new to online learning or seeking ways to improve your experience, here a list of the key tools and resources that online students should consider before getting started.


As the name suggests, All Math is the best online educational resource that offers mathematics calculators for students. This website has 300 plus tools covering most of the categories in mathematics i.e., Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Number theorems, etc.Along with Mathematics, it has also covered other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry.

The most prominent calculators of All Math are Integral Calculator with Steps and Limit Solver. Under each calculator, you will find the necessary information about the topic such as definitions, formulas, calculations, etc.

All of the tools offered by this website are free of cost and you don’t need to sign up or register your account to use them. Each tool or calculator gives step-by-step calculations of the given problem.

Here is a list of some tools offered by AllMath. There are many more tools available on their website.

Limit CalculatorSlope Intercept Form Calculator
Integral CalculatorOrdering Fractions Calculator
Two’s Complement CalculatorSigma Notation Calculator
Arithmetic Sequence CalculatorBoolean Algebra Calculator

2.  CALCULATORS.TECH is also an online educational tool provider service just like You might be thinking if this website is offering similar services to AllMath, why is being listed here. Let us tell you the reason.

This educational resource offers hundreds of tools categorically. Categories include:

FitnessReal Estate

These are a lot of categories and this website offers several tools in each one. When we were testing tools offered by this site, we found that health and statistics tools are the best ones in terms of accuracy and performance.Some of the hot tools of this website are:

  • Macro Calculator
  • BMR Calculator
  • TDEE Calculator
  • Age Calculator
  • GPA Calculator
  • FIFO LIFO Calculator
  • Standard Form Calculator
  • Dpi Calculator

This service is totally free and there are no restrictions imposed by the developers.You can also order a custom calculator if you need one. The customer service is top class and you will get a reply within 24 hours if you leave an email using their contact form.


The third one on our list is a simple user interface and a variety of educational tools, this website offers solutions for school, college, and post-graduate students as well. is a free-to-use website for students and like the other ones, it doesn’t need an account to get started. Their motto is to provide academic tools to students at no cost and reach maximum learners by providing accurate and quick calculations. You can search tools by using the search bar as well as by category.

The most used calculators of this website are listed below.

  • Exponential Calculator
  • Standard Deviation Calculator
  • Million Billion Conversion
  • Log Calculator
  • Mean-median-mode


GCF is an online web service that offers GCF Calculator to school and college students.Students come across the greatest common factor problems in the subject of mathematics. It is not that easy to calculate GCF if you are just starting out.

This tool can help you out in many ways. You can learn how to calculate GCF using this website. Moreover, you can get the greatest common factor of any numbers quickly if you are in a hurry. If you are preparing for exams, the step-by-step illustration will get you ready if you practice GCF questions using this site.

This tool offers calculating GCF with multiple methods including,

  • List of Factors
  • Division Step Method
  • Prime Factorization
  • Upside down Division

Binary (Stein’s) algorithm and Euclidean algorithm methods are also explained in case you are searching for them on other sites. Moreover, you will get to explore the solution of the question with every possible method in one place.

The next tool in our list (LCM Calculator) is related to GCF in a way. Talking of LCM, do you know the difference between LCM and GCF? If you don’t, read the next section to get the difference between the least and greatest common factors.


For primary and elementary students, LCM Calculator is proved to be a handy tool. LCM stands for least common multiple. Students struggle to find the least common multiple on their own if they don’t know the method to calculate it. Listing out multiples of each number and then finding the least common multiples among them is complicated. offers an easy solution to every type of least common multiple problems. Like the GCF calculator discussed above, this tool also provides the solution with each possible method such as prime factorization, list of multiples, and division method.

After calculating the LCM, you can click on different tabs to get the steps of calculation in a certain method like shown in the image below.

This tool is free of cost and you are not required to register yourself. You can solve unlimited questions using this tool. Furthermore, it is a very helpful resource if you want to learn how to calculate LCM with prime factorization, multiples, or division methods.

Summing it up

All of the listed resources and tools are reviewed by experts and tested multiple times because we strive to provide accurate information to our readers. You can use these resources for your studies at home, school, or college. But, if your academic institution discourages using such tools, we recommend you not to violate institutional policies.In our view, these tools can help you sharpen your skills along with boosting your academic knowledge.

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