How to Write a Good Article for Publication? A Detailed Guide

Did you ever read a published article and wondered how the writer comes up with such great words and ideas and wanted to publish your own article?

Well, surely you must have wondered more than once and wanted to publish your own articles so that people can wonder the same about you and your writing.

But, how can you accomplish this dream?

Good practice and guidance can help you with good article writing. Articles must be written by following the standard and advanced rules of writing.

However, articles come in a wide variety of creative forms, each of which is designed to appeal to a specific group of readers.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps and rules in detail that you can follow and practice to write a good article for publication.

So, stick to reading!

Guide: How to Write a Good Article in 5 Steps

Here are the five useful steps to write a quality article.

1.      Keep Good Ideas in Mind and on Paper

A good article depends on the ideas, if your ideas are boring then no one like to read your article no matter how good you write it.

When people decide to read any article or blog, they have high expectations from the writer and as a writer, it is your responsibility to provide your audience with whatever they are looking for, this is the key to a successful blogging site.

The first step of article writing starts with thinking of ideas and listing them based on how great, average, and worst they are however, you always pick the best ideas for your main topic of the article.

If your memory is good, you can keep your ideas in your mind but writer’s block can hit you anytime, so it is better if you just keep your ideas in your diary.

This will help you with tracking the flow of your ideas which is very important for good article writing. If your ideas are consistent then readers will definitely love to read your article.

2.      Keep your article simple, clear, and unique

Now you have decided on your main topic, have enough information, and also find the right audience, it’s time when you can start writing your article for publication.

A good article is always simple, clear, and unique and one of the best things you can do as a writer is to keep your article direct and simple, as readers’ attention spans are typically short.

A tip for clear and direct writing is to always fix the word count limit for the article you are writing, this will help you streamline your writing process and also with faster completion.

To provide clarity in your writing, do not just write plain text, use lists, and bullet points so that your readers can absorb all the information without stuffing their minds.

Uniqueness is always a key factor for good writing, if your article is following the standard format with good headings and visuals but, the information inside is not unique, the structure solely can not help your article reach maximum readers.

You can paraphrase online when it comes to creating unique content for your article, the tool will help you not just with unique content production, but also demonstrate how you can achieve clarity in your sentences.

For both beginners and professional writers, the key to great writing is simplicity, clarity, and uniqueness of words and thoughts.

3.      Gather Information from Multiple Sources

A good article is always thorough and informative and writing an informative article will require you to gather as much information as you can.

Here is a tip for you, never depend on a single source, make this your habit to explore at least two or three sources to gather information about your main topic.

If you have enough information on your hand, you can write a good article without any limitations on words and ideas.

It is not likely possible in this era that the topic you are writing an article about does not already exist on Google unless it is some research work.

To convince readers to pick your article for reading among others, your article must have some unique elements that existing articles don’t have, and gathering information from different sources will help you with just that.

By exploring sources, you can observe and analyze what information they have provided already on the topic and how you can take a step ahead from them, this will make your article stand out from the rest.

4.      Always Write for the Right Audience

Once you have all the information in your hand and you are planning to just start writing take a pause and ask yourself:

  • How do you want your viewers to benefit from your article?
  • To what extent does your article provide your readers’ interest?
  • Does your article provide readers’ intent?
  • In addition, outline your method of writing.

Asking yourself such questions prior to your writing will help you write exactly what your audience wants from your article.

Elaborating your writing approach before the actual writing is what professional writers do for writing their dream articles for publication.

The best writing method is to first go for the rough draft by creating catchy outlines relevant to your main topic. Take notes and divide them up into subsections. Jot down everything that comes to mind.

Also, a good article is written for the right audience therefore, it is important to identify your right audience and their interests before writing an article.

5.      Proofread your article before publishing

Last but not least, proofreading your article is mandatory to make it good and error-free. This guide can not be completed without emphasizing the importance of proofreading.

The tone and impression of your content are determined by how carefully you proofread it. Take advantage of this opportunity to check for any remaining errors and work towards a smooth reading experience.

Do not trust only on your writing skills even professional writers can make mistakes while writing but, what makes their writing professional is their proofreading.

Proofreading your article before publishing will help you find and remove all the writing mistakes whether it is in the sentence structure or the grammar structure.

Another important part of the proofreading article phase is to always check for plagiarism, however, manually finding plagiarism is not possible, therefore, it is suggested to use online plagiarism checkers to ensure your article’s uniqueness.

And fortunately, there are multiple plagiarism checkers available online, you can go for any of them.

Bottom Line

This detailed guide on how you can write a good article provides you with the 5 basic steps that every beginner and professional writer can follow to write a great article for publication.

However, experience and practice are what makes a writer good in his career and field. So, take time and practice patiently to become a great writer.