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Trending technology of 2021

1. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing offers unique opportunities for comprehensive analysis that goes beyond 2021 to reach conventional computing, it will be 100 million times faster than our current computers.

Quantum computers is going to offers businesses a powerful tool for big data and deep predictive analytics, it holds the principles of superposition and entanglement to process information on an exponential scale.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain has been quite popular thanks to the rise of cryptocurrency boom, but the ultimate power lies in the stability and transparency of a blockchain.

Due to the fixed and highly visible nature of blockchains, this trend has been creating lots of buzz and discussions in many big platform around the world. This will create an opportunity for technological advancement in field like banking system, digital platform, etc.

Blockchain technology will further enhance record management, providing a snapshot of any record from its origination. This could be useful in verifying orders, purchases, returns, receipt of product, you name it.

3. Computer Vision

Computer Vision Street Image Recognition in computer system to recognize the items. Smart camera sensor collects the places, objects, people for visual images. This innovative technology allows the smartphone camera to easily recognize the face in an image and it also empowers technology like the Google Image Search.

As we are moving forward to 2021, computer vision technology equipped with new age technology that are rolled out for an ever growing potential number of users around the world.

E-commerce businesses and Production lines can adopt & use computer vision cameras to recognize faulty products or any equipment failures and send alerts to anything that is out of the ordinary without having a 24/7 monitoring system.

4. Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is an advanced technology like AI and machine learning to support workers and automate the process in a more impactful way. It encompasses automation of anything capable of being automated. It also allows companies to automate more tedious and complex work.

Automation technology is not simply imitating how tasks are performed with robotic process automation. This also involves multiple tools in the harmony, such as intelligent business management software and AI. The main objective of increasingly AI-driven decision making. A key attribute of hyperautomation is its ability to rope humans in the process.


5. Human Augmentation

Human augmentation refers to technologies that aim to enhance human abilities and productivity. The study of human augmentation basically consists of physical augmentation, from prosthetic to AR glasses and RFID tags infused within people.

This can help in improving human involves, sensing and action abilities which can be achieved through sensing and actuation technologies, fusion and fission of information, and AI.

Human augmentation has a very high chance or potential of growth in our countries around the world in 2021 and also likely to be with immense success.

6. Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed computing prototype, which changed the way data is being handled, processed and received from millions of devices across many countries. It leads data storage and computation closer to the devices where it is being collected in order to lessen latency and bandwidth use.

Unimagined growth of ‘internet of things devices’ has been the key of this technology. In order to support all those devices, substantial amounts of computation will have to be moved to the edge as ‘IoT’ devices produce a vast volume of data during their operations.Edge computing technology adoption will further increase in 2021.

7. 5G

5G is known as fifth generation of wireless cellular network, succeeding 4g. The speeds achieved with 5G outmatched previous generation networks and it can reach upto 10gbps speed in future. 5G is the supporting base that businesses can hold to welcome emerging technologies. Businesses can provide greater service to people’s who are facing latency issues.

The more people’s are buying latest smartphone and company like Samsung, Redmi, Nokia and LG already has launched their 5g capable smartphones in the market. Soon 5g phones will be widely available in low to mid range smartphones. In 2021, we are going to see spike in the growth of 5g network.