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7 Steps To Create 2D Explainer Video

While creating explainer videos for your product or service, you need to develop a proactive strategy covering everything from pre-production to promotion of your videos. The inception point for your video creation process is to choose the right video type. Choosing the right style can be intimidating. Hence, most of the video content creators stick to the 2D explainer video format. It involves the creation of animations in two-dimensional space in which they only possess width and height.

2D Explainer Video Maker allows you to create engaging 2D animation videos. It consists of essential features with drag and drop features, an intuitive interface, and manipulation of both stock or custom-designed images. With this video maker, you can create simple or advanced animation. It allows you to effectively communicate your brand message, optimize sales, and improve conversions.

2D explainer videos allow you to save time and money. Using the right video maker, you can create it from the comfort of your home. First, however, you need to follow some preliminary steps to efficiently kick-start the video production and strategically advance to create a high-quality 2D explainer video that will help you develop relevant traffic on your website and generate more sales.

Plan Everything In Advance

Planning helps to assess if your goals are critical. It enables you to organize every element in your video creation strategy, facilitates optimum resource utilization, and enables you to avoid any costly mistakes. For your pre-production planning, you need to decide and finalize each element that will go into your 2D explainer video. You need to follow a data-driven approach that will inform your video production strategy. First, do market research to identify your target audience and market. Determine the demographics, age, pain points, demands, and requirements of your target audience. Then, place your video objectives, appropriate video length, characters, and other crucial aspects of your video based on the data that you collect.

Prepare The Script

After you plan, you need to dive into the preparation stage. You have to prepare the video script for your 2D explainer video. A solid video script will enable you to capture the viewer’s attention and respond appropriately to the call-to-action elements. The script should actively deliver the message. Keep the customer’s concerns and pain points in mind while developing the script.

Choose A 2D Explainer Video Maker

Select a custom-built 2D Explainer Video Maker that includes relevant templates, has a short learning curve and consists of various drawing tools and rigging tools to help you create compelling videos. Check the features and pricing model of a few available options before settling down for the ultimate choice. It should offer a wide array of online animation video templates so that you can quickly create your videos.


You can either choose to give voice over manually or generate an automated voice over for your video. You can hire a professional who can deliver the vocal content effectively. Or you can also look for text-to-speech technologies online. It allows you to choose from various voice modulation features and help you establish your brand voice. 

Choose A Template

You can navigate through the templates available in your video maker. First, choose the most suitable template that defines your characters’ nodes and attributes. You can also customize it to fit your video model. You can select from a wide range of multimedia models, including the images, shapes, SWF, and SWG.

Create Animations And Make Changes

Use your video maker to bring the animations together. Create the individual scenes and character activities, make the rough animation, and clean up the animation. Use the proper facial motion for characters. You can use the trial-and-error method to determine which character can rightly convey your brand’s key message. Experiment with multiple characters so that you can seamlessly create the best version of your 2D explainer video. Pull everything together, including the characters, objects, background, theme, and other media files. You can prepare an exposure sheet to instruct each scene. 

The exposure sheet helps define actions and timing, dialogues and music, animation layers, backgrounds, and view perspective. Once you create a rough version, you need to clean it up (tracing) and polish it. You can either add a new layer or trace over the same layer with different colors. You can also add additional drawings between two frames. This process is also known as in between. Combine the elements based on your exposure sheet. Add any additional effects if required. The video maker allows you to get through the compositing process and render the animations as a video or movie.


Once you get through the production process, you need to give it a final edit before launching it. Then, you can enhance your animations to make them more impactful. Then, you can finally export it to different formats and launch it on your website, blogs, social media sites to promote your brand.

To Conclude:

2D animated explainer video maker makes the process of compiling and creating videos much more accessible. Following an effective strategy for video production and promoting it rightly will help you ensure effective engagement with your targeted audience using the 2D explainer video.

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