Your Guide to Switching with United Gas and Power

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In 2013, Lancashire Gas & Power changed its name to United Gas and Power (UGP). This independently owned company is based in Yorkshire, where it has been providing businesses of different sizes in the UK with gas and electricity for more than 30 years. The company focuses on providing the best possible customer service, even managing the whole energy-switching process for you. This article serves as a guide on United Gas and Power and the services it offers.

Understanding United Gas and Power

As one of the foremost energy suppliers in the world, UGP provides energy to various kinds and sizes of businesses. This includes micro-businesses, small and medium businesses, and large and multi-site businesses. UGP also works alongside brokers and consultants in the energy industry. The company provides businesses with multiple contract options based on their individual needs and budgets. An entire team is assigned to match businesses with the right contracts and deals.

The Smart Fix option allows businesses to decide on a fixed electricity or gas price for a contract that ranges between one and four years. The Fix for Five option just adds a fifth year to the contract. This contract protects your business from market price increases, ensuring that your business can manage its budget more accurately. With the Fixed-Flexi contract, your business can buy energy in advance and ensure that the price stays the same for the entire contract, however long it may be. This contract gives your business more room to work with the market while still having control over non-commodity costs. A baseload is the chosen amount of energy your business buys each month, which can be bought in increments or all at once. If your business doesn’t buy the entire amount of energy before the month starts, UGP has a Procurement Team that buys the rest of the amount according to an agreed-upon purchase mechanism. Fully-Traded products give your business the most access to the energy market. You can buy and sell any amount of energy that you want for the price of your choice. The contract lets you buy energy every half hour at a price that suits your budget.

Switching to United Gas and Power

If you want to switch your business to UGP, the team at the company will take care of the entire process for you, thereby making energy switching easier. It doesn’t matter if you have any ongoing arguments or outstanding bills with your current supplier. There are four steps to switching suppliers, and your Account Manager will be there all the way.

Stage 1:

As soon as you choose the energy tariff, period, terms, and conditions that fit your business, your Account Manager will draw up a contract for you to sign.

Stage 2:

For UGP to act on behalf of your business, certain authority documents have to be signed and returned.

Stage 3:

Your Account Manager will contact your business’s current energy supplier to arrange for the end of its existing contract. This will start the process of transferring your energy supply over to UGP. If you have any outstanding problems with your current account, UGP will take care of them.

Stage 4:

When the switch to UGP is finalized, and a start date is decided, your business will receive a UGP welcome pack. This pack will provide you with all the information about your new energy supplier and contract.

Exploring Additional Services

There are many reasons for your business to switch to UGP. As a direct energy supplier, the company provides your business with various competitive pricing options that can help you save on energy costs. UGP is invested in providing its customers with renewable power options and reducing their carbon footprints. Businesses have personal account managers who take care of their accounts with UGP. The company has a UK-based Call Centre that provides excellent customer service with some of the best response and resolution times. United Gas and Power use smart metering to ensure that billing is done accurately and that energy usage can be monitored. The company has a good track record and is highly rated by its customers.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy supplied by UGP is provided by REGO energy sources that are completely certified. These alternative methods include biomass, solar, wind, hydro, and sea energy. When your company has the Eco-contract with UGP, it can get a renewable energy certificate and a 100% renewable logo to prove its willingness to become more environmentally sustainable. UGP also installs Electric Vehicle Charge Points at their customers’ premises. The company has a carbon calculator that businesses can use to see how big their carbon footprint is. To offset carbon, UGP pays for planting a tree with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) every time they get a new customer.

Values and Pledge

UGP has set values that its services are based upon to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied. First, all actions are fair. Every action taken when dealing with customers is done in a fair, transparent, honest, professional, and appropriate way. Second, simplicity and honesty are important. Every bit of information given to customers is accurate, truthful, and presented in an understandable manner. Third, they are always by your side. UGP employees are always available and easy to contact. They always act as fast as possible to ensure customers are happy. If a mistake is made, it is fixed as soon as possible. Fourth, all different-sized businesses are welcome. No matter the size of your business, the same UGP rules apply to each of them.

Along with company values, UGP made a Pledge to everyone they deal with, especially their employees and customers. UGP promises to act according to company values and always be ethical. The supplier promises to work with and for customers by consistently placing their needs before theirs. They promise to listen and ask more questions to give proper advice by completely understanding customer businesses and objectives. UGP promises to explain things honestly and in a way that customers will understand. It promises to make everything as easy as possible by doing the work for the customer and trying to build long-term relationships with customers.


This article looked at the history of United Gas and Power (UGP) and the energy supplier’s services. The four stages of switching energy suppliers were explained. The renewable energy options provided by the company were also detailed. The values and pledges of UGP were also detailed and described.