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High-Impact Ideas for Implementing Interactive Content to Drive Engagement 

As every online marketer knows, the key to enhancing brand awareness, building loyalty, and driving sales is engagement with the brand. However, with the competition becoming intense across digital marketing channels, including email and social media, there is not only a need for very high-quality Interactive Content but also interactive content. The focus on interactive content has increased with the growing realization that users like to have opportunities to voice their opinions. It is now well-established that posting interactive content gives brands the benefit of a more involved audience that leads to more click-through and a boost in brand loyalty. 

Even though in terms of cost, producing this kind of content is more expensive, it is generally well worth the effort because of enhanced engagement value. Some popular types of interactive content that marketers can consider:

Interactive Content

Quiz Contests/Opinion Polls

Since quizzes and polls can be great fun and also be a learning experience while being entertaining for your audience, they are generally extremely popular. Even when the audience knows that the questions have been deliberately kept simple they cannot resist a chance to find out how good they are or avail an opportunity to win a freebie. These devices are a wonderful way of engaging with your audience, make them spend time on your site or post, and offer suggestions for buying your product or service without being salesy. The advantage of interactive content is that the audience has a chance of being engaged twice; once when they are answering the questions and the other when they get to see the results.

Opinion polls are a great opportunity for delving into the minds of your audience and establish a two-way conversation that demonstrates that the company cares about what they think on various issues. Knowing how popular opinion polls are, most of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter, etc. have built-in polls that you can customize and use. However, if the platform you are on does not have such a feature, the options to the question can always be provided in the post caption and the audience can respond appropriately with their comments. Another easy way to have complete control over the quiz content or opinion poll is to host it on a special landing page on your website to which users are directed with promotional posts. To create excitement around your contests, you can buy likes on Instagram for a pittance.


Even though the idea is ages old, contests and sweepstakes in the online space are very good examples of interactive content that can generate oodles of engagement in a fun and entertaining way. The business can use the opportunity to get more exposure for its brands by giving away branded freebies or even product samples as prizes. Although Facebook has imposed restrictions on conducting events that ask users to like, comment, or share a post for a chance to win something, you can use other platforms like Instagram by asking your followers to answer a question in the comments section or by tagging a friend. Keeping the contest simple is the key to generating maximum participation. According to Forbes, providing interactive content is a very effective way of obtaining accurate feedback that enables you to market better to your audience.

Multiple Choice Image Posts

Multiple choice posts can be fun, especially on platforms that allow multiple image posts. The participants are asked to select an image from a collection posted and also request to know the reasons for their choice. The structure of these games is very simple and in addition to entertaining your followers, the results can be put to use in getting things like package design, product colors, flavors, etc. right. If you follow what the majority of the participants like, the chances of getting it right with your customers also increase. Quite apart from the entertaining engagement, these kinds of exercises help to drive sales because your offerings will be more in line with customer preferences.

Interactive Infographics and eBooks

Even though creating them is more time-consuming and expensive, interactive infographics and eBooks can provide loads of fun to your audience. By interacting with the content, users can be directed to website landing pages specially created to convert this traffic. Users can also be encouraged to participate in contests, or discover extra in-depth content, sign-up for email newsletters, or give access to white papers on special subjects of interest to users. This kind of interactive content serves well to educate audiences about a product or the industry.


In today’s intensely competitive marketing environment, it is increasingly becoming difficult for brands to catch the attention of their target audiences and keep them locked in for building brand loyalty and driving sales. The next dimension of providing high-quality content is to deliver interactive content that can engage them more. With every interaction, potential customers become more involved with you, and your brand reputation increases.

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