Cabookie Hailed as a Rising Star Under B2B Review Platform’s Taxi Booking Software

Cabookie is designed to help taxi and cab operators to provide their passengers with great convenience, simplicity, and transparency in booking rides. Apparently, majority of Cabookie users fell in love with what we have to offer as evidenced by the Rising Star award recently given to us by CompareCamp, a popular review website for software solutions.

The CompareCamp review platform recognized us with the Rising Star award for our positive feedback on the market and booming popularity with users. This positive reception indicates that our Cabookie taxi booking software has proven truly beneficial for both fleet companies and their passengers.

To properly understand why Cabookie is seen as a reliable taxi booking software for many, CompareCamp’s business software experts inspected each functionality our platform offers. Below are a few benefits for Cabookie, according to CompareCamp:

CompareCamp also vetted for the simplicity and ease-of-use of Cabookie, bestowing us with their Great User Experience award for 2018.

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If you’re still unconvinced about our Cabookie taxi booking platform, you can try our demo today and experience simplified booking processes first-hand.