Block The Pig

Block The Pig HTML5 game is an online free game.

A little pig wants to escape. Put the tricky pig into a total blockage by placing hex blocks in “Block the Pig”.

A puzzle game for training your logical skills. You will have to place stone blocks in a hexagonal maze on the way of the pig who tries to escape. Place three blocks initially, and then proceed with additional block after each pig’s move. Think ahead, as winning the game becomes trickier and tougher even more as rounds progress. The number of puzzles in the game is infinite.

How To Play

Before the round starts, close the shortest escape routes on the board with 3 blocks. The pig will then run away from the hex maze. Place a new block after each move the pig makes, until there's no way out! Keep the pig from reaching the exit by building a wall around the pig with strategic moves and block him to make sure she cannot escape!

Block The Pig Game Goal

Keeping the adventurous pig safe in her own backyard is the goal. If you lose any round as a result game will reset to round 1.

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