99 Balls

99 Balls is a Free HTML5 online game.

99 Balls is a challenging and fun-addicting puzzle game. Your task is to shoot a bouncy ball to get rid of all other balls by hitting them the number of times specified inside of them.

Every time your shot comes to an end, all balls will slide down a bit, and once they reach ground level, you lose the game.

Collect bonuses to shoot more balls at the same time and increase your chances. This game is all about aiming and boncing, so plan your moves wisely. Have fun with 99 Balls!

How To Play

you need to destroy numbered balls before they reach the bottom of the screen. Each ball contains a number which indicates the number of hits it requires to be destroyed. Collect circles to increase the number of weapons you can throw at once. Collect stars to unlock new weapons!

99 Balls Game Goal

Click and drag to aim your shot. Release to fire. Collect rings to increase the size of your chain.

Collect stars to unlock new weapons! The further you proceed into the game.

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