Why Is It Important to Think About the Programming Language to Use?

There are hundreds of programming languages in the IT world. Some people even count thousands. It doesn’t matter anyway because both numbers are enormous, and it is impossible to analyze even half of them to decide which suits the best for studying, solving the exact problem, or developing the project. However, nobody chooses according to the name of the language or friends’ advice. It happens because it is intuitively clear that it is important to think about the programming language to use. Let’s try to understand the importance of such a choice according to the field where it operates. 


When You Need to Choose a Programming Language to Use

Let’s start with an obvious statement — there are tasks that by their character dictate a certain language to be used. Of course, you can choose something else, but it will not be very smart. Some programming tasks are realized only via specific languages in particular and tech stack in general. However, there are also many tasks in which languages are interchangeable. And in this situation, you need to think twice about how to do it right. 

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What Matters When Choosing a Programming Language

Huge projects that are just planning to start. Suppose we are talking about the development of absolutely new products for a company or startup that has only an approximate plan or an idea for now. In that case, the question of IT realization is hard and extremely important. It entails:

  • The scope of the development project. Every language has its structure, logic, and principles. Some of them use one function to make the same logical step, and others need a few strings of code. On the scale of the project, it spills into a different amount of months of development.
  • Price. The salary of programmers is high enough nowadays. It differs according to their level of qualification and the language they use. At the same time, if we talk about not widespread language, we can face the problem of a shortage of specialists.
  • Compatibility. Most projects don’t create a new sphere but integrate existing ones. So you need to analyze the market and concurrence even more than other aspects before developing. The questions of immediate integration and flexibility according to new circumstances are highly important, and chosen programming language is responsible for the answers. 

Sometimes companies decide to change their systems (for example, ERP) according to the new requests. That is also about changing language sometimes. To tell the truth, these big changes are never easy and are accompanied by the resistance of staff during the whole period of transformation. However, if those changes are justified, then the result will be impressive. 


How to Choose Which Language to Study?

Choosing a programming language for studying and future usage. This question is hard and responsible for newbies because it defines their future as specialists. According to the number of languages and the daily appearing new ones, we can conclude that there are no “good” or “bad” languages. Otherwise, the “bad” ones are long gone. That’s why there is no right or wrong choice, but there are some points that are necessary to note for a successful result:

  • The average salary of specialists according to their level.
  • Famous companies use the language for their products.
  • Terms of studying (there are harder and easier languages).
  • The number of professionals and countries they are situated in.
  • The quality and amount of community: Whether it is open and friendly or not.

This list is not full, but enough to understand the importance of thinking about the programming language to use long before starting to learn it. At the same time, professionals are highly recommended in all spheres but to become one of them, you need to pass the long road.

New task (project) in the old company that has an IT department and other products. Is it a good idea to use a more suitable but different language for the new task? What surprises can it bring? To think about the programming language to use in this case is extremely important. On the one hand, the decision is obvious. It should be the same as all previous products were written. On the other hand, the manager needs to investigate the market and create a product according to modern tendencies and international experience. Such a choice is never easy, so the decision maker must be a highly qualified expert that is ready for the whole responsibility. 


How the Future Market Affects the Languages You Use

As you can see, the importance of a deep understanding of what programming language to use is high in every step of the work. If you are a newbie or head of the company, this question might be open. The worthwhile thing is that nobody knows the only right answer that gives a 100% guarantee that the choice is perfect. That’s why those professionals who have such experience are highly demanded in the market. They get great remuneration as consultants, and it is fair. Such a situation will redouble every year because more and more companies improve their IT side and face more and more programming tasks because of it. 

Talking about thinking of programming language for personal use or as an employee, the situation is easier. First of all, because you can change the language anytime, sure, it is not so simple, but possible if you have such a goal. Even if you start without previous experience studying a new language, it is enough to do it 3 hours per day for ten months. It is hard, but possible, to combine with the other job.