Variations Of Best IPC Training Materials As Available For Experienced Learners

Variations Of Best IPC Training Materials As Available For Experienced Learners

If you want to be a part of the IPC soldering center, then you need to get properly trained first. Learning the types, basic and advanced stages, and then sharpening your skills are some of the ways you can be a professional in this section. So, if you are actually planning to get your hands on the Best Ipc Training Materials, you need to be aware of the best training center for the same.

Searching the world of the internet will let you come across so many IPC course modules. Each one has its own features and specifications included. So, remember to learn about these points more before you can finalize the right module to choose.

Let’s start off with the IPC- 7721 CIS TRAINING:

The IPC- 7721 CIS TRAINING is a program hosted for five days and mainly designed for experienced PCB repairing technicians. It is for those who are looking for more information on IPC 7721 PCB rework process controls. There are some best practices mentioned in the document too.

  • This repairing course will review the said document and will help the students out to learn ways to navigate the criteria. 
  • There will be both open and closed-book tests to help prepare the students under multiple circumstances.
  • The instructor of this course module will demonstrate the PCB repair competency skills to help students learn better on PCB repairing.
  • Moreover, it is mandatory for the students to pass both hand soldering and navigate the standard test questions for completing the program successfully and get the certificate.
  • There will be more information on IPC rework and the repair training programs as part of this module over here.

Students, who will be a part of this class, will discuss procedures within the IPC 7711/21 document and demonstrate the PCB repair options. With the help of this class, students will utilize the workplace standard and also perform the PCB repair as a major part of the job functions. After you successfully complete the class, you will receive an IPC Certificate of Training from the same center.


IPC 7711/21 CSE is well in accordance with the latest standards of the IPC 7711/21 for the rework and repairing o the PCB. This course is designed for those willing to be certified subject matter experts in rework and PCB repair. The students will receive certification through proper testing on some challenge basis or by the instruction presented by the master instructor.

  • 7711/21 is targeted as the worldwide PCB network document, and the repairing set of the procedures are also published here by IPC. 
  • This training module will have only the industrial approved techniques on the surface mount network and through-hole. It will also talk about the land, laminate, and conductor repair.
  • The Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies and the IPC-7711/7721 Rework of Electronic Assemblies/Repair are two of the major repairing procedures as taught in this course module. These are designed for PCB only.
  • The IPC 7711/21 CSE standard certification testing holds a significant part under “general or industry knowledge.” It is one closed-book test with MCQs. 
  • The examination will be time-limited. Here, the candidates have to answer questions within 1 hour only. 

The topics as included:

Before you enroll for the IPC 7711/21 CSE module, it is time to know more about the topics incorporated in this list. It will help you to pre-set your mind beforehand. Those topics are:

  • Classification of electron assemblies
  • Flow down requirements
  • Assembly requirements
  • Acceptance requirements
  • Appendix in the standard
  • Component ID

There will be a second examination as well, which comprises of testing of some of the advanced concepts. These concepts are highly specified to the IPC 7711/21 document only. This certification program will have multiple levels to it. Some of those are Certified Instructors, Master Instructors, Application Specialists, CSE and Senior IPC 7711/21 CSE designations, and some more. The Master CSE and the IPC 7711/21 CSE will retain their validity for a span of 2 years after successful certification. After covering this period of two years, the credential individuals have to re-certify.

The materials as taught:

Day 1:

  • Through-hole procedures for rework and wire splicing
  • Chip & MELF removal and replacement
  • Common procedures
  • Skill development and instructor demonstration on the through-hole procedures

Day 2:

  • SOIC, SOT, and Gull Wing procedures
  • J-Lead and QFP procedures
  • PCB circuit repair-repair of physical board damage
  • Conformal coating removal and replacement

There are review materials available for the open book general knowledge. Moreover, you can even be a part of the CSE certification exam or the closed book examination for the final certification. Just learn about the training institutions and the courses available before you enroll your name for the same. Don’t forget to check the reviews before taking the final call.

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