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The realm of quantum chess – just declared a winner!

A complex version of chess

An engaging event just concluded on December 9 at the virtual Q2B 2020 conference and saw Amazon’s Aleksander Kubica take the championship of world-first quantum chess tournament.

Quantum chess is a complex version of regular chess where a piece can be in more than one place at once also other strange quantum concepts can take place.

Caltech physicist Spiros Michalakis during a live stream of the game, said “It’s like you’re playing in a multiverse but the different boards are connected to each other,” on a funny note.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. Just for understanding quantum is complicated and chess makes it even more so. Perhaps the game is best for the experts.

Quantum chess’ founder Chris Cantwell of Quantum Realm Games can best explain the behoof of chess.

Cantwell told Gizmodo “My initial goal was to create a version of quantum chess that was truly quantum in nature, so you get to play with the phenomenon”, Cantwell explained that anyone playing the game would begin to understand quantum phenomena.

To play is to understand

Does it mean the game needs to be played to be understood? Maybe. We will share one detail though. To win, a player must make a measurement where they capture their opponent’s king by guessing his location.

Amazon’s Aleksander Kubica beat Google’s Doug Strain by letting him run out of time, Since no check or check mate possible but the games is timed out.

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