How Videos Can Help You To Engage Traffic To Your Website

How Videos Can Help You To Engage Traffic To Your Website

Creating a website with simple blogs is not enough to generate substantial traffic. There are various types of content one must incorporate to ensure their brand gains recognition. Videos are one of the most popular types of content amongst marketers, since they combine audio and visual mediums. The numbers say that 84% of consumers claim video content has greatly persuaded them to purchase a brand product.

The pandemic has played a large part in its popularity. People of all ages were forced to adopt technological advancements, expanding the audience. Most people do not know why video advertisements are favored even with their popularity. It is imperative to know its purpose to be able to curate videos targeted to the aim. This blog informs its aim, for you to create the perfect advertisement videos.

Why Generate Website Traffic?

Your website is a fully paid outlet for your brand. It can potentially reach anybody with an electronic device connected to the internet. While paid ads may cause an influx in your sales, it is short-lived. To create brand awareness simply from ads means constant investment. While investments are not bad, it is crucial to be smart with them.

Generating website traffic is essential to create brand awareness and consistently increase sales. Any online business knows the importance of having high website traffic, and making your website content-rich will push it to the top of the results page. This will allow browsing users to find your brand and its products easily. Your website should be an all-in-one stop for customers simply looking for information or cruising the internet to buy products or subscribe to services that your brand offers.

However, if your content does not seem worth their time, they will ensure not to click on your website the next time they come across it. This is detrimental to your online brand. Website traffic generation is the metric every e-business should aim to raise. Regardless of one’s niche or brand uniqueness, website traffic is important. Building a website is a big investment, and one should ensure to make the most of it to get a high return on investment.

How Do Videos Help?

Now you know the importance of website traffic generation. So how does one increase traffic? For this, your website should rank in search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a tool every search engine uses to optimize the results in every search. They rank web pages according to keywords, reputation, duration spent on the webpage, and more. One must keep the metrics in mind to rank higher in SEO.

Posting blogs is a popular method companies often adopt to rank in SEO. However, many users get confused by the text. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, words are not enough to describe your product or convey the message. This is why many users and marketers prefer video formats as well. The advantage marketers get from videos is injecting more information into a short video. Many fear video content, as editing video footage is notorious for being taxing. However, some online video editors do half the job for you.

Google is known to rank web pages with video content higher. However, they have not explicitly claimed this; the results prove it. Organic traffic has spiked from 10% to 250% when video content has been incorporated. The reason for such bias towards video content is that users commonly prefer video content over text too. This is because videos engage both the audio and visual senses.

While video ads are suitable to showcase products, creating how-to or purely educational videos on the products and services your brand offers on the website has shown to persuade visitors to invest in your company. This shows the reliability and readiness for customer support of the brand.

Adding videos to your web page dramatically boosts SEO and conversion rates. To get maximum converts, they must be content-rich and appealing to both eyes and ears. There are some easy video editor websites you can access to add a finishing touch to your video.

It also keeps your users engaged with your website for longer as most want to finish the entire video, preventing them from leaving. Ensure the thumbnails and titles of the videos are interesting, as those are the major deciding features on clicking a video.

Where to Use Videos?

Creating entertaining videos is not where the decisions end. One must choose the platforms and methods of reaching the traffic with their videos. Each video is unique, where you upload plays a big role for the audience.

Uploading videos on your website is essential, nearly a necessity for your brand’s growth. It increases organic traffic and ensures your website stays on top of the results instead of getting lost in the vast library of websites.

Another way to generate traffic is using paid ads on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular social media applications on the internet today. Posting your videos through paid advertisements not only expands your reach but also ensures it reaches the targeted audience.


Your videos are not simply to raise awareness, you want leads too. Uploading videos inviting audience engagement can boost the leads generated. You want to lure them to your products’ display page and keep them wanting more. Having a Call-To-Action feature towards the end of your videos allows you to lead your viewers right where you want them.

Adding a link to your website on the brand accounts has also yielded results. Make sure the redirection is a smooth process. The more obstacles your lead faces, the more they will be convinced to exit the window.

Videos are a marketers’ treasure. They can access audio-visual lovers all in one go! They are short and informative, delivering exactly what the audience wants to see. Keep an eye on the analytics your website or social media accounts have. This will help you optimize the videos to your specific audience’s likes.

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