How taxi booking software can lead your cab business?

Taxi booking software provides a simple step-by-step solution for both customers and taxi-hire companies in response to the increasing demand in the travel industry

To provide immediate private taxi-hire and airport transfer  you can choose online booking software

A simple mission is to provide customised software for Taxi and Vehicle Hire Companies that will take their business to the next level.

Easy-to-access admin panel with high functionality

  • Admin Panel helps you to manage all the operations through a centralised system.
  • It helps you to manage Driver’s App and Customer’s App. It helps you to track the progress of your business.

By using taxi booking software with the helpful of

Interactive dashboard

  • Dashboard which helpful for both customer interface and also for backend dashboard
  • It shows vital data such as number of bookings, future bookings and completed bookings

Manage drivers

Monitor your Driver’s activities and manage their profiles efficiently with the help of Admin Panel.

Manage customers

Solve all your customer’s queries and offer them with various deals for retention

Features of taxi booking software

Tracking the car

 Customers to track their driver’s location and let them know when the ride would arrive.

Estimating the total fare

While booking the journey,customer gets an estimated fare

Multiple payment

Booking software comes up with multiple payment modes such as Cash, Card, and PayPal

Rate & review

Customers can rate & review the drivers on their riding experience which directly affects the driver’s profile.

Manage all operations from a single point

  • Reports & Analytics helps you to receive crucial data about your business
  • Analytics gives you an idea about the possible profit areas which you can explore. It helps you to take insight-driven decisions which ultimately benefits your business.

Reports & analytics

Understand which sections of business are doing well and which are lagging

Additional benefits of  taxi booking software

High customization

High customization will help you to add new features and integration which would help you to achieve higher scalability

Notifications integration

Booking software has notification integration which sends email,SMS updates,and notifications on phone to customers

One-touch operation

By using taxi booking system you can book your cab with just a single touch on your phone.

Booking process will be simple and easy

Ease of use

Taxi Booking App is User-Friendly  interface it has instructions for both drivers and customers which are easy to understand.

 Maintenance and support services

Bug removal

Developers are always ready to support for bug .Afterwards they will provide instructions for the system.


Along with software ,it will provide 24*7 maintenance service.


We can monitor flight time arrivals also driver actions



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