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How are Some Companies Using Customer Rewards and Coupons for Marketing?


Since the very first paper coupon was issued by Coca-Cola in 1887, coupon promotions have existed. The first round of coupons was made available on the sidewalks, in magazines, and in journals. Wow, that’s a well-used publicity tactic from the previous century. Ever since it’s been almost a given in the American market, and then it became a part of the traditional marketing ecosystem’s marketing strategy. However, the voucher has grown since then, and it is now a more useful weapon in the modern age.

Luring the Health-Conscious People

Companies like Coca-Cola are expanding its offerings to satisfy the demands of consumers who are turning toward a healthy lifestyle. They want to concentrate on producing beverages, sports drinks, and water lines for the health-conscious consumer. Coca-Cola has been researching its Minute Maid Heart Wise orange juice to see how it can help reduce cholesterol and increase overall wellbeing. However, all this is for nothing without implementing an effective marketing strategy.

The New Reward Program

The soda company is using the new rewards program to build a stronger emotional bond with clients, with events centered on subjects like gaming, dining, and exercise.

Users will sign up for the app using special codes found on Coca-Cola soda caps every week. Potential customers will then look at the various options available, including examples of experienced snowboarders demonstrating tricks.

The Bonus

Members can sometimes receive unique material based on their consumer profiles. Members can, for example, receive a voucher for Coke products from a local, regional distributor, despite the fact that emails really aren’t set up to offer Coke branded products. Bonus points are then provided to loyal customers in order to retain them in the scheme.

Coca-Cola is trying to set itself apart from rivals like Starbucks by selling a variety of items other than packaged drinks as incentives, which may be a major appeal for customers. If My Coke Rewards were a hit, it would lift the bar for redemption platforms around the board, forcing food and beverage advertisers to compete by offering more gift cards as well as other promotional items.


Coupons are available for the customer to use in such a manner that they not only encourage customers to buy the items but also build positive brand memories. It’ll also result in positive social media stories for your business. That’s free advertising for you! Most companies achieve this by establishing a cyclic format in which consumers do not receive price drops or discounts on a daily basis. Along with this, the company also makes available some of the great coupon deals on the website to lure customers and spread its brand awareness. You can get amazing coupons from mycokerewards, get a chance to win things like t-shirts, gym bad and much more. There’s no doubt that the coupon method has helped a lot of the company, and you can imagine the power of coupons when a company like Coca-Cola is still using them. Like the beverage company, other brands are also getting more into the coupon distribution for marketing purposes.

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