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Eric Dalius Explains How You Can Increase the Margins for Your Small Business

Profits and increased margins help small businesses survive in this age of stiff competition. Then, profiting from your startup venture is not easy because it calls for much of your sweat and blood to generate revenues and profits consistently.

According to an article published on, you can choose one thing or the other in business and your decision will have an impact on your profit. That is that. The common question that tickles your mind is whether to focus on your customers or competitors. Chasing your competitors head-to-head is usually not an easy solution to achieve success. Here are some of the ways you can improve the margins for a small venture:

Eric Dalius asks you to focus on your monthly sales figures

Sit with a paper and a pen to evaluate the possibilities of making profits, and the process is not that tiring or painstaking. Then, you need to pay attention to your monthly sales figures and goals right from the beginning. Yes, there is some number crunching and hard work involved.

You cannot see profits if you do not work hard in business. Once you start paying heed to monthly sales goals, you can do the same for weekly goals. You need to do this continuously to implement the right marketing tactics.It would work for the benefit of your small business. Many times, entrepreneurs are too busy focusing on the ongoing job and do not bother to pay attention to their sales goals.

Make the most of useful resources

For ensuring the profitability of your startup or small business, Eric Dalius thinks that you need to assess the productivity gains from your resources and employees. You need to hire people, especially managers, to make sure whether they have the skills to give you the expected return on your investment. You cannot waste your business capital on incompetent resources or those, who only want to increase their bank balance by way of a fat paycheck.

Again, when you are contemplating to invest in more office furniture, inventory, supplies, and equipment, consider the effect of such huge expenses on your business profitability. Take small baby steps and do not invest too much money into anything.

Focus on gaining efficiency

The key to the success of your startup is focusing on gaining efficiency. Make sure you save at least $100 each month and check the charges deducted from your business account every month. If you are still using the club membership but do get the time to frequent the place, give up such expenses. Use that money for email marketing and digital campaigns instead to promote your products or services. Make sure you cut back on banking fees and use leasing equipment to boost profit margins.

Small business entrepreneurs often fix lighting issues in the office and extremely hard to avoid hiring resources that cost them money. Business efficiency is not just about cost-cutting but also achieving the same outcome without paying much or making a huge expense.


Your road to increased margins is boosting revenue and eliminating unnecessary expenses. Implement marketing strategies that help in generating sales and more profits consistently.

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